First of its kind wrist watches arrived!

  • By Vadim Shersher

Shersher watches are not just a necessity it is a lifestyle! They have designed an exclusive line of

watches that will not only help you keep track of your time but its S.I.T technology will bring a new

positive change in your life. These metaphysical watches are made from a blend of different gemstones

that have a number of healing properties originating from ancient cultures. They transfer energy from

the stones to your wrist. These stones are powerful enough to enhance your abilities and eliminate all

the negative energy. These holistic watches work differently as they are not only an exceptional time

piece but they are also highly influential for your subconscious. As it unfolds the depths of your mind

you learn to embrace positivity. Life has become quite hectic and stressful, what if you can carry a stress

relieving watch on your wrist and manage to achieve serenity.

These stress relieve watches are not only equipped with distinctive attributes but they are also well

designed, made from high quality products like anti-allergic titanium, an anti-reflective front and back

scratch resistant mineral crystal surface and a five-jewel quartz functioning mechanism of Swiss-made

Ronda 715, developed with precision. So, you get to reap the benefits and wear it with style. These

holistic watches are practical yet elegant this is why they define the individuality within a sophisticated

person who wears them. Time management is essential to keep you on track of your schedule, so what

if you get hands on a watch that can help in improving your health? Shersher watches have certain

holistic properties that inculcate tranquility which keep you calm and collected all day long. When your

stress buildup is lower than anticipated you can focus more on your day-to-day tasks, this improves your

performance to a remarkable level.

You can purchase these stress relieve watches from or at 1790 NE 163RD STREET

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL 33162 as they are a limited version. They have a range of gemstones which















These beautiful stones open up opportunities for the watch bearer as they manifest health and wealth.

These stones offer growth which develops an optimistic approach towards life. This lets you embrace

change and move forward to achieve your goals. These positive watches are itself royalty as they are not

only enticing but they also have a powerful force of attracting likeminded people who believe in the

healing properties of gemstones. The gleaming underlying stones function like a life changing tool as

they upgrade your intuition and decision power. You can buy a number of watches full of rhinestones

that are only placed to beautify the outlook but these stress relieve watches have more to them then

just physical appearance. Get the new confidence from these Shersher metaphysical watches and flaunt

them with style.

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