Florida Watchmaker Creates Revolutionary Timepiece That Improves Wearer's Well-being

MIAMI, June 14, 2016 - The SHERSHER Watch is a timepiece that gives more than just the hour of the day. With its integrated subconscious influence technology and naturally healing gemstones, this watch offers relief from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. From the vitalizing qualities of pyrite to the protective powers of malachite, these watches can be customized with the stones that best enhance the customer's psychological state-of-mind.


The SHERSHER is handmade with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. All of the components are made of hypoallergenic titanium with an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant crystal face and back. The movement is a top-quality Swiss-made Ronda 715 with a five-jewel and a date function at three o'clock. With over fourteen gemstones, three types of leather bands and silicon watch bands in seven colors, the combination possibilities for customizing this watch are virtually infinite.


"One day my friend asked me why, since I've been in the watch repair business for such a long time, I don’t start making my own watches. That's when I asked myself, 'Why does the world need another wristwatch unless this wristwatch could bring good to the wearer?' That's how project SHERSHER Watch began. I'm so happy to be able to share my love for watchmaking with the world and at the same time offer people something that will improve the quality of their lives." explains watchmaker and designer, Vadim Shersher.


From a very early age, Shersher became captivated by wristwatches. Twenty years ago, following a suggestion from his father, he combined this fascination with time pieces and his affinity for mechanics to start his own watch repair business. Launching the SHERSHER wristwatch brand is a natural next step on his matchmaking path. His very first line of watches has been in development for almost 16 month. After several iterations, Shersher has perfected the designs and the line is set to hit the market in 2016.


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