Our Story

Staying on top, keeping up with time, while being able to calm the stress and anxiety of

daily life... Now it is all possible! Let us introduce SHERSHER – the new, exclusive watch that will

change the way you think about what a wristwatch can do.

In creating this truly unique watch, we had your best interest in mind. This timepiece

will serve as your tool to achieve peace and harmony, and will make you more adept at keeping

up with the demands of a hectic stressful life.

We call this “S.I.T.” or Subconscious Influence Technology – using both a holistic and

sociological approach; we prove that a simple watch can make a huge difference. On the back

of this timepiece you will find two natural gemstones. What makes this more exciting is the fact

that you can choose your own stones to give your watch a customized and personal touch.

Currently we have six special gemstones with many more soon to come.

Choose from: pyrite, obsidian, aventurine, blue tiger eye, lapis lazuli and malachite.

These stones were highly prized by ancient cultures for their healing and enchanted properties.

Residing close to your wrist and touching your skin, these stones direct their energy to work in

synch with yours.

Every stone provides a unique attribute. A piece of pyrite is traditionally used to

energize the area around it and produce an immediate increase in vitality. It can overcome

intellectual fatigue due to overwork and calms jittery nervous system. Obsidian is a very special

black stone and has powerful metaphysical properties. It is widely used to shield against

negative energy, creating harmony in the possessor’s life. Aventurine increases overall vitality,

and enhances intellectual development. Blue tiger eye is the stone of intuition and insight. Lapis

lazuli is a traditional stone of royalty in the Egyptian culture, which is said to protect against

psychic and physical attacks. Malachite is known to protect against “Evil Eye” and cure various

stomach ailments, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from your immediate


On the front of your exclusive timepiece, you will see influential motivational words that

will flash past you every time you look to check the watch. Your mind is an expert when it

comes to creating your own reality. You do this every day subconsciously, whether you are

aware of it or not. The mind is also a potent tool that can be used to direct you towards

positivity and longevity. If you can think it, you can do it! With the S.I.T. of our SHERSHER

watch, we use this powerful tool and help you create a sense of security in your mind and in

your life, guiding you toward better social and physiological health.

Besides being a revolutionary new tool, SHERSHER is also a high-quality timepiece that

keeps your health and lifestyle in mind. All the case components of this watch are made of

antiallergenic quality Titanium with an anti-reflective front and back scratch resistant mineral

crystal surface. As for the time keeping of the watch - a Swiss-made Ronda 715, five-jewel

quartz mechanism with date function at 3 o’clock, was created to operate with class and

precision. In addition, to wear the watch you can choose the between leather or rubber straps,

both equipped with titanium buckles.

Furthermore, we have thought of an incredibly useful packaging solution to keep your

watch safe and secure. Every SHERSHER watch comes together with a sleek handy travel-case

that will accommodate one watch and one strap. This amazingly useful packaging takes up less

space and is more convenient than the conventional wooden watch. With portability in mind,

you can take it with you wherever you go.

Being practical in its use, and elegantly simple in its appearance, SHERSHER will satisfy

the most discerning of tastes.

This brand-new limited edition timepiece was created to become not simply a time-

keeping device, but an integral part of your daily routine. It incorporates all of the traditional

elements of a high-quality watch and with its unique and distinctive features, powers to make a

difference. Be able to keep up your daily routine, use this amazing tool, take control and better

your life!

We hope that you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!

All SHERSHER watches are designed and built to order in USA.

Shersher, it's not just a wrist watch, it is your everyday companion!

Vadim Shersher. Founder and CEO.

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